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Precautions For Daily Maintenance Of High Pressure Cleaning Machine

Precautions for daily maintenance of High-Pressure Cleaning Machine

Precautions for maintenance

1. When operating a pressure washer: always wear suitable safety goggles, gloves, and a mask.

2. Always keep your hands and feet away from the cleaning nozzle.

3. Always check all electrical connections.

4. Check all fluids frequently.

5. Check the hose frequently for cracks and leaks.

6· When the gun is not in use, the setting trigger must always be securely locked.

7. Always work with the lowest possible pressure, but sufficient pressure to get the job done.

8. Be sure to relieve the pressure in the washer before disconnecting the hose.

9· Always drain the hose after each use.

10. Never point the spray gun at yourself or others.

11. Do not start equipment until you have checked that all hose connections are locked in place.

12· Do not start the unit until the water supply has been turned on and proper water is allowed to flow through the gun wand. Then attach the desired cleaning nozzle to the gun shaft.

CAUTION: Do not leave the pressure washer unattended while it is in operation. The pump will run in bypass mode each time the trigger is released. If the water pump is operated in bypass mode for a long time, the high temperature of the circulating water in the water pump will shorten the service life of the water pump, or even damage the water pump. Therefore, the device should be avoided to stay in bypass mode for a long time.

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