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Some problems with high-pressure cleaners

1. If abnormal squeals occur during operation, most of the reasons are caused by lack of oil in the motor bearings. At this time, we can solve it by injecting ordinary butter into the oil injection hole of the motor. This situation does not happen much. We just need to supplement it when the high-pressure cleaner is regularly overhauled and maintained.
2. After starting, the pressure is unstable or sometimes not. Most of the reasons here are caused by the high-pressure water pump or the intake of air in the water inlet pipe. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the pressure of the water source is sufficient and whether the water inlet filter is blocked. If you find that the water inlet filter is clogged, remove the filter and wash it with water.

3. The high-pressure cleaner has a certain working pressure during operation, but the rated pressure of the equipment cannot be adjusted or the pressure only stays within a certain range and cannot rise. In this case, first determine whether the aperture of the high-pressure nozzle is match. If the pressure still does not rise after replacing the high-pressure nozzle, you need to check whether the pressure regulating valve is in place. If the fault persists after excluding these two conditions, it means that the sealing component (water seal) in the pump is damaged or the piston is damaged. In this case, the manufacturer needs to assist in maintenance.
4. After the high-pressure cleaner is started, there is abnormal noise inside the high-pressure water pump. The first judgment is that the high-pressure water pump has sucked in air. Secondly, check whether the flow valve spring is damaged or the crankcase bearing is damaged. In this case, the manufacturer needs to assist in maintenance.
5. The pressure of the high-pressure cleaner is reduced after a certain period of normal operation. In this case, first check whether the high-pressure nozzle is severely worn. The high-pressure nozzle of ordinary pressure equipment basically does not appear to wear, because the high-pressure nozzles we have equipped have been tested. Heat treatment. The high-pressure nozzles of ultra-high pressure equipment are difficult to guarantee. Secondly, check the sealing components inside the pressure regulating valve and the water pump separately.
6. During regular maintenance of the high-pressure cleaner, observe through the window. If the crankcase lubricating oil is found to be turbid or milky, it means that the oil seal in the high-pressure water pump is not tight or has been damaged. If it is not replaced in time, the impurities in the water will be seriously damaged. The service life of the crankshaft and connecting rod results in complete damage to the high-pressure water pump.
7. When the high-pressure cleaner is operating normally, the pressure of the pressure regulating valve is normal but the high-pressure water gun does not produce water, or the water jet from the high-pressure nozzle is irregular and scattered, which means that the high-pressure nozzle is blocked by foreign matter, and the high-pressure nozzle needs to be removed for cleaning. .

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