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The high pressure cleaner is not easy to wear

Pistons of high-pressure cleaners are usually made of ceramic and are not easy to wear. Piston pumps are usually described as a piston moving back and forth. Through a fixed seal; and the seal of the plunger pump is installed on the plunger, through a smooth cylinder wall, the plunger pump usually has better initial use characteristics, but cannot run at excessively high pressure and has a shorter life
When the piston of the high-pressure cleaner moves backwards, the water is sucked into the sealed cavity through the inlet valve, forcing the water to flow to the outlet of the pump through the outlet valve. Most piston pumps are double or triple. Double piston pumps have higher requirements on system components and operators, and the common failures of high-pressure cleaners are more stringent.
The triple pump has become a universal form in high-pressure water jet cleaning machines because it can produce a more stable water flow. High-speed pumps can produce less pressure loss and require less starting torque. However, it can cause faster wear, less suction, and sometimes noisy and possible damage.
The capacity of the high-pressure cleaner pump depends on the speed of the pump, and the pump must let the same amount of water in and out. Unlike centrifugal pumps, the flow can be increased or decreased. The piston pump has a very stable water flow parameter. No matter how high the pressure the high-pressure cleaner sprays, the flow rate will not change, because of the wear of the components or parts, the clogging of the nozzle outlet will cause the high-pressure pump to bear too much pressure. Therefore, devices such as pressure relief valves are installed in the high-pressure cleaner system.

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