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The core products of our company are gasoline plunger pump, autocut plunger pump, electric plunger pump, outer spindle pump, and suction pump.
It is widely used in occasions where high pressure, large flow, and flow need to be adjusted, such as hydraulic presses, construction machinery, and ships.
Taizhou Shengjiang Electromechanical Co.,Ltd (Shinjuess for short) is a famous China Plunger Pump Manufacturers and Plunger Pump factory, All of our custom Plunger Pump comply with international quality standards and we have received ISO9001,CE,CCC and other certifications customer required. At present,the sales network has covered all cities in China and exported to Europe,South America,Southeast Asia,Middle East and other countries. We sincerely welcome customers to visit to discuss coopereation!Create the brilliancy together!

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