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Why Is A Pressure Washer An Eco-friendly Setting? What Does It Do?

Why are High-Pressure Cleaning Machines an eco-friendly setting?

This is because its main medium is pure water. After the ordinary tap water is pressurized by the high-pressure water pump to the pressure set by the machine, it is sprayed through the small-diameter high-pressure nozzle. Concentrated water jet, due to the huge pressure of this water jet, can be instantly released the dirt that needs to be cleaned to achieve the purpose of removing dirt on the surface of the equipment. The whole process does not have any medium other than water and will not cause any pollution to the environment. It is a well-deserved environmentally friendly cleaning equipment, so it is recognized by more and more people.

Is the routine maintenance of the pressure washer the reason why the heater of the hot water pressure washer won't ignite?

1. Check whether the heater and fuel oil level of the hot water high-pressure cleaner is lower than the reference oil level;

2. Check whether the direction of the exhaust fan of the three-phase electrical equipment is reversed;

3. The gap between the two ignition electrodes of the heater should be appropriate;

4. Check the temperature regulator in the hot water high-pressure washer which cannot be turned off.

5. Check whether the water level is too low.

6. Check the float, oil level sensor, fuel solenoid valve, fuel tank, fuel filter, etc. in the equipment float.

Application of high-pressure cleaners in food processing: Food is essential to our lives. Pressure washers play a very important role in food processing and cleaning. It can not only clean the barrels, but also the grease on the stirring tanks, conveyor belts, evaporators, and heat exchangers can also clean the dirt and residues on them. In this way, the production equipment of food processing is very clean, pollution-free, and has no impact on food processing, which can improve the efficiency of food processing plants, reduce cleaning costs, and ensure environmental protection and health.

Ultra-high-pressure washers are the same as other pressure washers. Its main working medium is pure water. Ordinary tap water is pressurized to more than 1,000 atmospheres by a high-pressure water pump and then ejected through a small-diameter high-pressure nozzle. Highly concentrated jet beam.

The high-pressure washer is one of the important pieces of equipment in the cleaning industry. It uses a high-pressure pump to increase the pressure of the water, which is then ejected at high pressure. The high-pressure water flow hits the surface of the object to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Different types of high-pressure cleaners have different performances and use due to different pressures and water flow.

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