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What Other Applications Do Pressure Washers Have In The Automotive Industry?

High Pressure Cleaning Machine are one of the most commonly used cleaning equipment in modern times. Traditionally, it uses the powerful impact of high-pressure water to clean various equipment. However, with the improvement of the performance of the high-pressure washer, the pressure becomes larger, and the impact energy of the water flow has also been greatly improved. At present, in some industries, high-pressure cleaners have been used for cutting, and high-pressure cleaners have been quietly transformed from cleaning tools to cutting tools. Let's take the automotive industry as an example to talk about the advantages of high-pressure cleaners compared with traditional laser beams, plasma, electron beams, and other thermal cutting processes.

Modern automobiles are not only fast in changing models, but also have many varieties and small batches, which requires automobile production molds to have the characteristics of strong versatility and high flexibility. Parts treated with high-pressure water jet technology are very effective using a high-pressure washer. At present, some foreign experts believe that when cutting aluminum materials larger than 6mm or steel plates larger than 10mm, high-pressure water jet cutting can be performed with a high-pressure cleaner. Such as the cutting of body outer panels, interior panels, various gaskets, and glass plastic panels.

Compared with traditional thermal cutting, the high-pressure cleaner has a low cutting cost and good cutting effect and can adapt to some special cutting requirements. Currently, in China, this cutting technology is just getting started. It is believed that as more and more industries are familiar with this kind of equipment, the high-pressure cleaner will surely win the favor of the market with a different appearance

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