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Prospects Of High Pressure Cleaning Machine

  The high pressure cleaning machine is a kind of energy-saving cleaning equipment with a wide range of development prospects and applications.

  The main pump of this high pressure cleaning machine consists of a hydraulic end and a power end. The power end consists of crankshaft assembly, connecting rod assembly, crosshead pin, bearing bush, etc. The hydraulic end is composed of a stuffing box, inlet and outlet valves, plungers, pressure gauges, pressure regulating valves, etc. The main pump body seals are imported from the United States, with few wearing parts, durability, and long service life.

  The high pressure cleaning machine is composed of high pressure pump, high pressure hose, driving power, control system, high pressure water gun, filter, oil pump, water tank, booster pump, guard, etc.

  The advantages of high pressure cleaning machine cleaning. 1. When cleaning the pipe, the hard structures and blockages in the pipe can be stripped from the pipe wall and flushed out of the pipe without harming the pipe body matrix. Second, the cleaning speed is fast. It uses the impact force of the high-pressure water jet to break, fall off, and wash the structure. Compared with traditional methods such as chemical acid foaming, manual mechanical cleaning, sandblasting, and shot blasting, it is more efficient and can be cleaned at one time. Clean, the cleanliness rate is around 99.5. Third, the high pressure cleaning machine is easy to clean and operate. The whole equipment is an integrated design. It can be operated by turning on the power and water source and starting the control system. Fourth, it is not restricted by the environment. The high pressure cleaning machine has various drive forms, and different drives can be selected according to the working conditions. The cleaning actuator can be customized for cleaning, which is not limited by the cleaning space and environment. Fourth, it can be made into automated equipment, the cleaning process is visible and controllable, and the cleaning quality is guaranteed. Fifth, the equipment is used for a long time, one-time investment, fast recovery cost, and broad development prospects. Sixth, reduce the labor intensity of cleaning, make cleaning simpler and controllable.

  Although the maintenance of the high pressure cleaning machine is simple and convenient, regular maintenance can extend its useful life. Points to note in maintenance: 1. Each high-pressure cleaning machine has a rated pressure, so do not use it with overpressure during use. Second, to ensure the quality of the pump water, the internal seal of the industrial high pressure cleaning machine is a precision part, so clean water should be used to reduce the wear on the pump. Third, the filter should be cleaned frequently to ensure sufficient water supply, and the high pressure cleaning machine cannot be operated in the absence of water. Fourth, the oil in the pump should be replaced after the equipment has been used for some time, usually every 200 hours.

  The application prospect of the high pressure cleaning machine is good because it has a wide range of applications such as pipe dredging and cleaning, industrial cleaning, paint and rust removal, concrete crushing, petrochemical cleaning, cutting, etc. There are many fields to be developed.

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