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How to solve the high-pressure pump of the high-pressure cleaner?

The high-pressure pump is an important part of the high-pressure cleaning pump. In the actual cleaning process, the cavitation problem must be solved to maintain the good performance of the high-pressure cleaning pump and the cleaning machine. Let us first understand the occurrence of cavitation.
If the pressure of the liquid fluid at the inlet of the pump is lower than the water temperature, some of the liquid can evaporate and evaporate. When these vaporized bubbles enter a higher pressure range, sudden condensation will occur, which will cause the nearby liquid to flow quickly and be replenished here, thereby causing an impact on the components in the pump. This is what we call the cavitation problem.
When this happens repeatedly, the inner wall of the pump gradually becomes fatigued and damaged, and then etched out honeycomb-shaped irregular small holes. The unstable cavitation phenomenon leads to the unstable operation of the high-pressure pump, which leads to the instability and performance degradation of the high-pressure cleaning pump. It can be seen that the cavitation problem must be solved to maintain the good working performance of the pump and high-pressure cleaning equipment.

We can take preventive measures and post-treatment measures to solve the cavitation problem of the pump:

1. In research and development, design and manufacturing, we must fully consider this issue. First of all, when designing the structural arrangement, the blades of the impeller should extend as far as possible to the side to be sucked in, and in the selection of materials, high-quality materials that are resistant to cavitation should be used. The second is to use a double suction impeller to increase the inlet area of ​​the impeller, increase the width of the blade, and increase the radius of the bending rate. In the design and manufacture of the pump, preventive measures are consciously taken to lay the foundation for preventing cavitation.

2. Take anti-cavitation measures during operation. It can reduce the installation height of the high-pressure pump; use a thick and straight suction pipe; do not clean with a large flow for a long time; when the pump has cavitation problems, reduce the flow rate or reduce the speed; choose the correct suction height; regional patch epoxy coating.

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