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How To Use A Pressure Washer Safely?

A pressure washer can be used for the most diverse purposes in both domestic and professional settings: it can clean walkways and yards, as well as sewers, gutters, machinery,  and vehicles; but some general precautions must be followed in order not to risk case use it.

Well, here is a list of basic tips for proper and responsible use:

Safety first

Follow all local safety regulations and directives. It's true that you can clean almost anything with a pressure washer, but you can't clean people, animals, live objects, or objects that are too delicate.

Read the instruction manual

Please read and understand the instruction manual carefully before starting the pressure washer.

Attention and common sense

Do not use the device under the influence of drugs, drugs or alcohol. Pressure washers are not suitable for use by children or persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental abilities.

Motor warning

Disconnect power before doing any work on electrical components. Do not use the machine if the power cord or some of its important parts are damaged and there are obvious water leaks.

respect the environment

Use only biodegradable cleaners and the specified amount of pressure washer: Overuse of cleaners is not good for cleaning operations and can unnecessarily damage the environment.

Check operating temperature

Do not use the hot water pressure washer at temperatures higher than those indicated in the instruction manual. Hot water can damage seals and damage equipment.

Endothermic Engine Warning

Do not use a pressure washer with an internal combustion engine in an enclosed area, and always check that the drain is not near vents, people, or animals. Do not use a pressure washer with inappropriate fuel.

Warning for hot water washing machines

Do not touch high-temperature parts such as boilers to avoid burns. Do not use a hot water pressure washer with accessories that are not suitable for high temperatures. After use, run the pressure washer in cold water for a few minutes.

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