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Application Of High Pressure Cleaning Machine In Pipeline Dredging

  High-pressure water jet cleaning technology: The high-pressure water jet cleaning is formed by spraying water pressurized by the equipment pressurization system. Fouling debris in the pipeline is thoroughly rinsed.

  The main objects of cleaning and dredging high pressure cleaning machines:

  1. All kinds of water pipes, industrial water pipes, sewage pipes for units, schools, enterprises, and residential areas, rainwater pipes, gas pipes, flues, etc.

  2. The sewer pipes of restaurants and hotels (a lot of oil and debris are attached to the inner wall of the pipe for a long time, and it is easy to be blocked. The general dredging machine is only a symptom and cannot solve the actual problem. Instead, choose high-pressure water jet cleaning and dredging. Solve it once)

  Why use a high pressure cleaning machine to clear the cleaning pipeline?

  1. The traditional methods to solve the clogging problem are bamboo dredging and dredging machine dredging, but these methods can only solve the temporary circulation of sewage, but cannot solve the problem fundamentally, and treat the symptoms rather than the root cause.

  2. Analysis of the reasons for the blockage of the pipeline: vegetable oil, animal fat, feces, and other viscous materials flow into the pipeline and stick to the pipe wall to form scales. Hair strands, rags, decoration residues, and microbial reproduction will form scales on the inner wall of the pipeline. The body is accumulated over time, and the pipeline is not smooth or blocked.

  3. The high pressure cleaning machine uses water as the medium to clean and dredge the dirt and debris in the pipeline by using a special equipment system to produce multi-beams and multi-angle high-pressure water streams with different strengths. The high pressure cleaning machine has a wide range of applications, high efficiency, cost-saving, short construction period, no chemical reaction, no damage to the environment, and no unnecessary troubles to customers. It is a difficult problem.

  Brief introduction of pipeline dredging high pressure cleaning machine:

  1. High-pressure cleaning and dredging: Using water as the medium, the water produces multiple, multi-angle, high-pressure water jets with different strengths through a special adjustable pressurization system. This water jet has a high impact and peeling ability, and can remove scales, blockages, and other attachments on the pipe wall. It is used for professional dredging and cleaning pipes of various diameters and materials with ideal results.

  2. No side effects: no corrosion to the pipeline, pure physical method, no corrosive effect on the pipeline, and no damage to the pipeline (plastic pipe) or equipment.

  3. Dredging diameter: 30-500mm pipeline, cleaning length 60 meters, suitable for cleaning and dredging sewage pipelines, betting and removing various pipelines, pipe blockages, and other operations. This equipment can also be equipped with a high-pressure water spray gun for various high-pressure cleaning operations, such as equipment surface cleaning, floor cleaning, wall cleaning, guardrail cleaning to remove various oil stains and debris, etc.

  4. Operating conditions: self-provided water source, pipe dredging high pressure cleaning machine has an outdoor type and indoor type. The former can be used for pipe dredging and cleaning where there is no power supply, and no other facilities are required.

  5. The main objects of pipe dredging high pressure cleaning machine cleaning: (applicable to all kinds of pipes: cylinder pipes, PVC pipes, PE composite pipes, cement pipes, cast iron pipes, etc.) Drainage pipes, rainwater pipes, gas pipes, flues, soil, silt, debris, tree roots, and cement slurry in schools, enterprises, and residential areas.

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